Welcome to our online scrapbook of travel memories, musings and suggestions!

Let us start by welcoming you to our website; we really appreciate your interest in us and our journeys around the globe!

I guess a good place to start would be to explain who we are and what we are striving to achieve with this site.

My name is Craig and my partners name is Jess and together we have been lucky enough to travel to some incredible place, see amazing sites, meet fantastic people and create a lifetime of memories together over the past nine years. I work in IT and Jess works in accounts. We are from the UK originally but have be living in Sydney, Australia for the past two years.

We have always kept paper based journals of our travels but for some reason have never published these experiences online. The minimum aim of our website is to collate our adventures together into an online scrapbook that we can share with our friends and families but also to use as a medium for us to reflect and remember on where we have been and what we have done together.

I'm not too sure how we are going to stitch the content together but I envisage a pseudo blog/travel guide/photo album/hiking guide (more on that later); we're just going to have to wait and see I guess! The biggest job will be going through nearly 10 years of photos and journals and work out how to transfer that from the written form into a blog.

To wrap up this short introduction I wanted to touch on the names of our website. One of our joint passions is hiking, or if you are from New Zealand (our favourite country!) tramping. So, with all the good travel names seemingly gone and wanting to give a nod to our favourite pastime and favourite countries we settled on "Tramp the World".

Whist we have no intention of this being a dedicated hiking/backpacking/tramping (whatever else you call walking where you are from!) website we do intend to have sections focusing on exactly that, and with tramping season upon us in NZ it seems like a good place to start adding content! Watch this space :)


Cheers, Craig and Jess.